For Legal Professionals:

Account Configuration Guide – Download File
After you have created an Arctrieval Legal account for your firm, this document shows you how to add additional users, customize your account with additional firm information, and generate intake forms.

Quick Start Guide – Download File
This document will explain how to add client information to your account, add a contact information, and issue a new request through the Arctrieval system.  

Digital Signature Intake Form Instructions – Download File
This document explains the purpose of the digital signature intake form and various options for your clients to return the signed form to your office.

Request Escalation Guide – Download File
This document will assist you to follow up with a contact if you have not received records for a Patient-to-Self or Patient Directed request after the 30-day response period and the Arctrieval system issued a final notice.

For Medical Professionals:

Online Medical Request Form Help – Download File
This document guides individuals or organizations through the process of submitting a request for protected health information through Arctrieval’s web-based release of information service.

Healthcare Provider User’s Guide – Download File
This document guides healthcare providers and their staff on how to use Arctrieval’s web-based release of information service. It covers account creation, system setup and the various functions available in the system to manage the day to day activities to release protected health information to authorized individuals.