The Future of Medical Record Requests: How to Get Your Client’s Records in 30 Days or Less!

If you still don’t have the medical records you requested and it’s creating a roadblock, join us for a complimentary webinar to see how Arctrieval can help. 

We will share the strategies and best practices built into Arctrieval’s friendly web-based software that is successfully assisting legal professionals to: 

  • Leverage federal healthcare laws to get medical and billing records in 30 days or less.
  • Automate workflows to eliminate time wasted following up on missing records with providers.
  • Reduce case expenses by obtaining the HITECH cost-based rate for retrieval and copy fees.

Live Sessions

Tired of waiting for medical records? Stop using HIPAA authorizations

A HIPAA authorization only provides permission to request records and does not guarantee you’ll receive them because the provider’s obligation is to the patient—not to you, a third party.

Instead of using a third party HIPAA authorization with a cover letter, patient-directed requests issued under Federal Healthcare Law are more effective because:

  – Non-compliance is against the law and carries civil and monetary penalties,
  – Non-compliance opens the provider up to a government investigation,
  – They put you in control of the request process with Federal Law on your side.

After working with healthcare providers for ten years, Arctrieval has gleaned a number of useful insights. We will share how to use patient-directed requests to obtain medical and billing records with less time, effort, and expense.

Duration: 30 minutes

On Demand Recording

New HIPAA Privacy Rules! What you need to know.

If you request any medical or billing information, the changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rules in October will dramatically reshape the medical record request and release process. Join us for a free webinar to learn about key industry changes:

  • Long-term effects of the Ciox vs. Azar decision,
  • Cost based fee for electronic records,
  • Mandatory a 15-day response time,
  • Eliminating unreasonable request requirements and red tape,
  • Rule implementation schedule.

If you’re frustrated by the time, effort and expense it takes to get medical and billing records, you won’t want to miss the webinar.

Recorded Session

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Restoring HITECH Rates: Insider Tips and Strategies for Requesting Medical Records

Join Jared Vishney, Arctrieval’s Founder, to learn how to simplify your medical and billing records requests. He will share strategies and insider tips to reduce your time and investment in a case when obtaining client records and how to obtain the HITECH cost-based patient rate for records.

Duration: 30 minutes

On Demand Recording